The plea for publishers for Studio Space may have borne fruit, so I’ll keep everyone posted. In the mean time, here’s some of the feature information for the TRIPWIRE Annual, slightly updated:

•30 Years of Judge Dredd, written by Matthew Badham, a regular contributor to the Megazine;
•The Cultural impact of The Simpsons, TV series, comic book line and forthcoming movie, written by Pat McGreal, who has an extensive CV of licensed comics and a number of Vertigo titles to his name
•20 Years of Hellblazer: The Nine Ages of John Constantine by Rob Cave, an experienced editor on many UK weekly titles
•Alan Moore interview by Andy Winter, who has worked in magazines in the UK for around 20 years now;
•History of Manga by Andrew Grossberg, one of the busiest manga letterers in the US
30 Days of Night the movie by me;
•Mike Carey interview by me;
•STRIPWIRE, the comic strip section will include work by Roger (Fred The Clown) Langridge, Roger Mason, David Morris, David Baillie and hopefully David Hitchcock

So it’s looking like rather a nice package. I’ll post more information as the weeks progress and I’ll have page designs with me at Bristol in May…


We’re still having no luck finding a new publisher so I’m going to do something with the blog in this entry that I don’t normally do. All of the interviews with the artists have been conducted and written (the list, to remind people is:
1. Brian Bolland
2. Dave Gibbons
3. Tim Bradstreet
4. Howard Chaykin
5. Sean Phillips
6. Duncan Fegredo
7.Joe Kubert
8. Mike Mignola
9. Tim Sale
10. George Pratt
11. Tommy Lee Edwards
12. Adam Hughes
13. Sergio Toppi
14. Walter Simonson
15. Jim Lee
16. Frank Miller
17. Bryan Talbot
18. Alex Ross
19.Steve Dillon
[20. Will Eisner tribute]

Also, we have a foreword by Michael Moorcock and a provisional afterword by Guillermo Del Toro lined up too…

We also have over 200 high res images ready to go, including photos of the artists in their studios.
So this is all material that is unique to the book.

So what I am asking is:
If anybody reading this blog is interested in publishing Studio Space or knows someone who may be interested in publishing Studio Space, could they please either leave me a comment or email me at

It’s such great material that it deserves to be published…


I went to see Blenheim Palace with Andy yesterday. Blenheim is near the village of Woodstock, which is about 10 miles north of Oxford and so it takes about an hour and a half from London to get there by car. But it’s certainly worth it: Blenheim Palace is the family seat of the Marlborough family (of which Winston Churchill was part of) and it was built at the beginning of the eighteenth century. Since I still have my shitty cough that I brought back as a souvenir from SF, this post is going to be short so here are some photos from and around Blenheim Palace. I have some rather nifty TRIPWIRE Annual news to share with you too, which I’ll wait until the weekend to post. Enjoy the photos in the meantime…

Since blogger has a five pictures maximum, here are five more shots for you all – SF Ferry terminal tower, Ghandi statue at the SF Ferry terminal, of Alcatraz from the boat to Sausalito, looking down Mission and the rather lovely Ali Larter from Heroes with her Resident Evil 3 co-star Oded Fehr…


I just got back from Wonder Con in San Francisco, which is why I haven’t put a new post up here in over a week. It’s the third time I’ve been to the show and I always enjoy an excuse to visit San Francisco. With San Diego becoming more and more impossible to arrange hotel accommodation, Wonder Con is a decent, albeit smaller alternative to the monolith that is now Comic-Con. I got quite a bit done for the TRIPWIRE Annual at the show, including interviews with Mike Mignola, Matt Wagner and Zach Snyder and got the chance to catch up with friends Andy and Susie and Pete Bickford. The hotel the Argent wasn’t as impressive as in previous years though because it’s been converted into a Westin, so the old bar was shut, but we were lucky with the weather: it was early sixties and bright. Once the show was over, we visited Sausalito on the ferry (pretty place but not a lot to do there: the ferry journey gave me the chance to get some great shots though including getting close to Alcatraz) and we went to Concord to see comic shop Flying Colors, which was a decent store. I’m horribly lagged but I’ve come back realising that the Annual was definitely the right decision to make. SF is a great city and I almost wish that I could have spent longer there. We should have a new UK publisher lined up for Studio Space before too long as well, as there is a publisher in the picture that looks pretty likely. I’ll keep you posted…
So here is the view at night from our hotel, Matt Wagner and Mike Mignola on the floor, the San Francisco ferry terminal with the Bay Bridge in the background and Sausalito’s marina…