Okay to start off the year, here is a rundown of the features in this year’s TRIPWIRE Annual. Some of them may change:

Doctor Who/ Torchwood British sci-fi TV renaissance including a look at the history of Doctor Who, Doctor Who comics, its finest episodes and a guide to all of the Doctors so far;

•Superman at 70 years old including the best Superman stories of all time, an interview with Grant Morrison and some of the current Superman creators;

•40th anniversary of Marvel’s 1968 launches;

Akira‘s 20th anniversary with a look at its influence ever since;

•Posy Simmonds feature;

•Michael Moorcock and Elric;

•Tim Kring discusses the future of Heroes with the continuing writers’ strike;

•David Cohen and Matt Groening on the return of Futurama;

•A look at the current batch of genre TV including Battlestar Galactica, Sarah Conner and Jericho;

•Graphic Novels for people who don’t read comics;

•Genre movie roundup including Iron Man, The Escapist, Star Trek, taking Persepolis from graphic novel to screen;

•A day in the life of Pinewood Studios;

•The concept art of Indiana Jones;

•Power List

•STRIPWIRE featuring the Punks guys, Jamie McKelvie, Mike Collins

and more…

Same format, 132 pages or so, with a brand new full colour Tommy Lee Edwards Doctor Who cover…

Out for this year’s San Diego…

So Happy New Year everyone. My first post of 2008 is the other radio interview I did last Friday for the BBC’s The World programme. I’m not that keen on listening to my own voice, so it still feels a little bit strange but hopefully I’ll get better at this radio lark. My friend Steve Colgan was kind enough to extract the file and turn it into something that can be played (…

Next post will be a review of Sweeney Todd which I’m seeing on Friday, and I’ll be outlining feature rundown for this year’s TRIPWIRE Annual