Being a freelance journo means you don’t know where your money is coming from sometimes and you’re always chasing magazines for money even when you’ve done the work but there are perks. You get to meet interesting people as I did roundtable interviews at Wonder Con on 10,000 BC with its director Roland Emmerich, rather attractive female co-star Camille Belle and its male lead, Steven Strait, and I got to do a roundtable on Get Smart with its director Peter Segal (about to start directing Shazam), and its stars Steve Carrell and the also delectable Anne Hathaway.

If you go to page 146 of the latest Previews, Volume 18 #3, Item Codes Mar082059 and Mar082060, you will find Studio Space in softcover and hardcover, priced at $29.99 and $49.99 respectively and Gems of the Month. It’s very exciting it’s listed at last. Here is the page from Previews

I was out in LA from last Sunday until Thursday morning and unfortunately Frank Miller fell through (too busy with the Spirit movie) and I never met with Grant Morrison either as I didn’t hear back from him. But on Tuesday, I went with Andy Grossberg to see Tim Kring and Jeph Loeb at the Heroes production office. Kring’s assistant told me we’d have half an hour but we ended up with a whole hour, which was great. Some of the content will end up in Sci-Fi Now, some of it in this year’s Annual and the rest in the Heroes oneshot we’ll publish next year.
Here are a few photos of Kring and Loeb…

Off to the States tomorrow (to LA and then San Francisco for Wonder Con). I’m doing my Tim Kring (Heroes) interview for TRIPWIRE Annual and Sci-Fi Now when I’m over there and possibly meeting up with Grant Morrison and then interviewing Jon Favreau at Wonder Con. I’ll post while I’m away but in the meantime, here is the latest mockup cover of the TRIPWIRE Annual
By the way, our Heroes oneshot is back on with the end of the writers’ strike, so expect to see that around February next year…

This time, we have a boat moored near Tower Bridge, a platform permanently in the river also by Wapping, stairs at Wapping that lead into the river (Wapping used to be very popular with pirates, a fact that is commemorated by pub called the ‘Captain Kidd’), a fountain in the shadow of Tower Bridge and a sundial also located next to the bridge…