Over the last few years, the films of Alexander Payne have become a particular highlight when they are released. Election, Sideways and The Descendants are movies that have really engaged with me (I am less fond of About Schmidt). Nebraska is Payne’s latest effort, a low-key drama about Woody Grant (Bruce Dern), an old drunk who decides to make the journey from Montana to Nebraska to claim his winnings in a sweepstakes marketing prize, accompanied by his son David (Will Forte). Shot in black and white, Nebraska is not a film that will appeal to a general audience, as it’s got far more of an art house feel to it with a pacing that is almost glacial. Dern is good on screen but the film really belongs to Forte and Stacy Keach as calculating Ed Pegram, a ‘friend’ of Woody’s who shows what the promise of money does to ordinary people. Nebraska is an effective study of the human condition and while not much actually happens, Payne presents us with a film that stays with you after the credits roll. It is refreshing in these days of bloated tentpole summer blockbusters that filmmakers like Alexander Payne continue to fly the flag for understated human dramas. If you like his other films, you’ll find something to appreciate hereā€¦