So I am back from New York Comic Con. I missed 2011 because I was moving and that made money a bit tight that year. What is scary is just how busy it has become since 2010 and the Saturday felt like San Diego Comic Con. It was still a great show and I did loads of interviews (mainly for Comic Heroes) and I managed to catch up with people like Andy Grossberg and Susie Lee, split a room with Bill Baker, hung out with Walter Simonson, Grant Morrison and had dinner with Mike Kaluta. I was going to do a show report here but the fact is that I didn’t get to see any of the panels and the main hall was too busy for me a lot of the time, so I either hid in Artists Alley or avoided the show (which I did do for much of Saturday). So here’s a selection of photos I took of some of the people I encountered or interviewed or saw, even from a distance. This may be a multipart post…

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