The first Taken, back in 2008, was enjoyable nonsense. Liam Neeson made a decent fist as retired CIA agent Bryan Mills running around Europe to find his missing daughter. Hollywood also thought it was something that was worth mining again for a sequel. Fast-forward a few years and Mills is separated from wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) and he only sees his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) for driving lessons. But there are repercussions from the people he dispatched in the first film and so the father of one of the men he killed in the first film and his henchmen are out to avenge the man’s dead son. Neeson is a very limited actor but if Taken 2 had an intelligent or even vaguely clever premise, script, plot or execution, this wouldn’t really matter. The problem is that obstacles are thrown in his way and he manages to get around them with staggering ease. The action sequences are well directed but very stupid and Neeson is lumpen and there’s no credibility at all for him as an action hero. Taken 2 is empty, vacuous and lacking any substance at all and let’s hope we won’t see a third outing for this waste of digital celluloid. The only good thing about this film is its short running timeā€¦


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