Last Wednesday I went to a talk put on by D&AD (Design & At Direction) at the Mermaid Theatre in Blackfriars in the City of London. The talk was part of D&AD’s fiftieth anniversary celebrations and had Sir Alan Parker, Lord Puttnam and Bob Gill discussing the advertising industry in the early sixties and seventies. It’s always interesting to watch creative people who were pivotal talking about their work and the field they operate in. It’s easy to forget that both Parker and Puttnam had a long career in advertising before they moved to film and I admit I didn’t know a lot about designer Bob Gill, who joined them at this event. The talk offered a snapshot of a key period in British advertising, when the industry went from being a very staid place to arguably one of the world leaders in the field. Interviewer for the talk, journalist Tom Sutcliffe, kept things moving in a well-organized way and the three subjects were good value to watch. D&AD do put on very interesting and well-managed events and this one was well worth visiting…

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