Whisper of The Heart, an animated film written by Hayao Miyazaki but directed by Yoshifumi Kondo, was first released back in 1995. Thanks to Edith at StudioCanal, I got a screener of the film and she was also generous enough to give me three copies to give away. Find out how you can win a copy after my review of the film.
Miyazaki does have a very distinctive style so that even a film that’s not directed by him still has a very unique feel to it. Whisper of The Heart is a teen drama about Shizuku, a young girl living in Tokyo who falls for a boy in her school, Seiji. Their relationship, which begins when she sees his name on all of the library books she takes out, forces her to think about her own life, sending her on a different path. Whisper of The Heart is a sweet teen romance with some of Miyazaki’s classic idiosyncratic touches like cat figure The Baron in the antique shop owned by Seiji’s grandfather, which has a tragic story attached to it, and a dreamlike feel to parts of Tokyo. The animation is very sophisticated and the voice talent is well-chosen as you’d expect from a Studio Ghibli English dubbed film. Whisper of The Heart is perhaps a little less sophisticated than Miyazaki’s more recent efforts but if you’re a fan of him and Ghibli, then this is a Blu-ray that’s worth picking up…
To win a copy of Whisper of The Heart, then just email me at joelmeadows@btinternet.com with your answer to the following question:
Q: Which university did Hayao Miyazaki go to and which course did he complete there?
Closing date is February 28th 2012. I shall pick three random correct answers from three entrants. Good luck…

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