The Door (Die Tur) is a German horror/ fantasy film starring Mads Mikkelsen, the Danish actor who is best known to international audiences as Le Chiffre in Casino Royale but was also in the excellent Flame and Citron, a Danish film set in Denmark during the Second World War. Mikkelsen plays artist David, whose life is torn apart when his daughter Leonie drowns in their swimming pool. What makes matters worse is that he feels responsible as he was too busy shacking up with Gia (Heike Makatsch) to keep an eye on his young daughter. For his wife Maja, played by Jessica Schwarz, the death of their daughter is the last straw. So we are moved forward five years in time. But then David finds a mysterious door in an overgrown garden in their neighbourhood, which appears to offer him a new beginning. But things are not as they seem. The door transports David back to before Leonie was killed and, as he prevents her death, he believes that he has rewritten history to patch things up. The problem is that the David of five years ago is still around and so, to resolve matters, the older David is forced to take action. Mikkelsen is an excellent lead and the gorgeous Schwarz as his wife is great to watch on screen. Director Anno Saul maintains the momentum throughout the film with everything shot at a slight distance to create an unsettling reality that doesn’t quite feel like the real world. The Door isn’t really a horror film so much as a fantasy but the Body Snatchers‘ type denouement is quite creepy, leading the viewer to realise that David’s not the only one who’s passed through the door. It’s available to buy now on DVD from Optimum and is recommended for fans of European horror films, especially ones that are a slow burn and are a little more cerebral than your average slasher movieā€¦

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