As promised, here’s a small report about our day in Brooklyn. After the New York Comic Con, it was nice to have a more chilled-out time. So we left about 11am and took the subway to near the beginning of the Brooklyn Bridge. Then we decided to walk over the East River on the bridge. The weather was fantastic as it was a sunny day with piercing blue sky and it took about 45 minutes to walk the bridge. Andy C has a friend Jonathan Barkey who is a photographer and lives in Brooklyn Heights the other side of the bridge. So once we met up with Jonathan, he took us around Brooklyn, to Governors Island across on the ferry and to Park Slope, Prospect Park and ending at Brighton Beach and Coney Island. I had only been to Brooklyn once years ago and so we got to see loads of places that were totally new to me. It has a very different feel to Manhattan: the pace seems to be slower and it has a vibe all of its own. Governors Island, which isn’t in Brooklyn, was interesting as I took some intriguing photos looking out to the Statue of Liberty. Jonathan was a decent guide and I think because he is a photographer too that he knew what would interest us as visitors. So here’s a selection of photos I took that day on the bridge, the perfect antidote to the more stressful days that preceded it. The next post will include photos taken in the rest of Brooklyn…

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