The new issue of TRIPWIRE is at the printers now. It’s hard to believe that this is the fifth issue we’ve done with the new format but it’s hopefully our best yet. We’ve got a Futurama feature, an interview with movie poster master Drew Struzan, chats with fantasy veteran writer Michael Moorcock and bestselling author Glen David Gold plus artist, illustrator and photographer Dave McKean talks about his career. We’ve also got anniversary commemorations of DC’s 75th birthday and Captain America’s 70th. It’s thinner than last year’s issue but this is reflected in the price (£6.95 UK or $9.99 US rather than £9.95 UK or $15.95 US). It’ll be out in the second half of this month, available at select Tesco Metros, West End newsagents, Forbidden Planet, Forbidden Planet International, Gosh and Orbital in the UK and through Barnes & Noble and Border in the US plus in Chapters and Indigo in Canada. Here’s a few pages and the cover from it


  1. Hello,
    I hope you might be able to help. I couldn’t find an email contact on the Tripwire site. I read about Tripwire being out on Garen Ewing’s site today. So, I read on your site it was available at Barnes and Nobles in the USA. I called my Barnes and Nobles in the US, and they didn’t have it, and they didn’t have any mention of it on their computers. They said I had to contact you to learn what stores it might be in, since they don’t send magazines publications, store to store and they had no records of your publication. Do you have a list of cities it might be available at a Barnes and Nobles store? My Barnes and Nobles said they couldn’t help me at all and had to contact you.

    Sorry for having to take your time like this. I thought it would have been easy to get, but never the case, I find, with Barnes and Nobles in getting magazines.

    Enjoyed your report of Mr. Ewing’s opening last year. (That was another missed on getting Tripwire, but saw a few things and it looked great!)

    Again, if you can help, thanks for our time. – Linda

  2. Thanks, Joel,
    Love to get a copy. Heard good things about it. (I did tried this last summer for the RO launch issue, but wasn’t successful.)

    If I can get it in the states, like to, but will opt otherwise, if I need too. (But I did do some serious buying at the RO shop, so that is where most of my overseas funds happily flew off too.)

    (San Diego and the con, very understandable.) Survive and do well!

    Thank you,


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