Denzel Washington is a very likeable actor. He usually manages to lift things that he appears in that would be rather pedestrian without him. The Equalizer, loosely based on the Edward Woodward TV show of the 1980s, reunites Washington with director Antoine Fuqua. He plays Robert McCall, a man with a very menial job but a secret past that implies that he was some sort of special forces operative. So when he gets sucked in to helping a young girl who is under the control of evil Russian gangsters, McCall is forced to call upon his previous skills. Washington is watchable as ever but The Equalizer is basically  a very conventional revenge thriller. It’s entertaining in a very over-the-top way while you are watching it but none of it stays with you once you leave the cinema. The rest of the cast are pretty forgettable including Chloe Grace Moretz as Teri, the girl who forces McCall to utilise his previous skills, and it’s also far too long (over the two hour mark). If you like Denzel Washington, then you’ll enjoy The Equalizer. But don’t come to it with particularly high expectations…

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