And here it is, slightly tweaked…
By the way, the feature rundown for the annual at this stage is:

Mike Mignola, Guillermo Del Toro, Duncan Fegredo and editor Scott Allie on what’s next for Hellboy on the cinema screen and the comicbook page
Alan Moore on the future of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and his new novel
Frank Miller on Sin City 2, 300 and The Spirit movie
Mike Carey on switching from comics to prose, Crossing Midnight for Vertigo/ DC Comics and more
Jeph Loeb and Bryan Fuller discuss Sci Fi Channel’s hit TV series Heroes
•30 Years of Judge Dredd
30 Days of Night The Movie
•STRIPWIRE: 16 pages of comic strip material
•A look at the significance of The Simpsons in the year that the movie gets released

More to be determined nearer the release date (which is August of this year). Cover price will be £9.95 UK/ $14.95 US and it will be 128 pages, all in full colour…