In my final post about the day after Bristol, after we left Jaspre at Bradford-on-Avon, we headed south a little bit towards Westbury in Wiltshire. Now Wilts has tons of White Horses carved into its hillside but Westbury looked impressive as I saw it from the train a little while ago and we actually drove near it on our way to Longleat the Friday before. So I was curious to see if close-up. And I admit that it is amazing when you get closer to it. However, unlike the horse in the Vale of The White Horse in Oxfordshire, it’s not that old. Probably dates from the 18th century because the white horse was the family animal of the Hanoverians, so to commemorate George III, lots of them were carved. But you do get a great view looing across the county from the top so it’s well worth a look. The other place I took Andy too was Avebury, which is a little further east of Westbury. He had never seen the stones and the weather was perfect, so I took him there. It’s the third time I’ve visited it and it still looks amazing. Julian Cope lives in the village and there are lots of modern-day ‘witches’ who are located there too. Apparently a friend of mine in the States, Mark Berry, tells me that the pub there the Red Lion is supposed to be haunted. I’ll have to check it out the next time I am there. After Avebury, we picked up the M4 at Swindon and we were hoeme by about 8ish in the evening. Wiltshire is a fantastic, beauty, spellbinding county. So here are a few photos at Westbury and Avebury‚Ķ

Okay, so Bristol was over two weeks’ ago now but it’s been a crazy month what with the Studio Space book, trying to polish off the Annual and keeping up with my regular film-related writing (like the Indy review last week) so I’ve let this last part of my Bristol online diary slip. So the show went very well and on Monday morning, I crammed Louise and Walter Simonson into my Nissan Micra and we left the Ramada. I say crammed because my car had rather a lot of boxes in it from the weekend plus my bags and I had suggested they could grab a lift back with me to London because they were going back that way and so was I, so I thought it might have been fun. So we left Redcliffe in Bristol with Louise crushed in the back and Walter sitting with two boxes in the front and headed for Clifton, because I promised I would show them the suspension bridge, which I have only ever seen once and it was in Winter. The weather was perfect (crisp blue sky with sunshine) and so it seemed to be the ideal opportunity. We got to Clifton, met my brother briefly, who lives in Clifton and walked across the bridge and even went up to the Observatory and got a great view of the gorge.
I had planned to go to Salisbury because I had never seen Stonehenge or the Cathedral there but I decided instead to take Walt and Weezie to Bradford-on-Avon, where my friend Jaspre and his partner Ronnie and their two daughters live. Bradford is a great place and people don’t seem to know about it, unlike Bath, so it’s pretty quiet. So I made our way to Bradford, getting slightly lost and driving through Bath but we made it just after lunch and met Jaspre, who took us on a walking tour of the place, up through an area called the Tory, which is located above Bradford-on-Avon, past a Saxon church, a tithe barn and to lunch by the canalside. I have visited Bradford a couple of times before but hadn’t seen this bit so that was a lot of fun. Jaspre, Walt and Weezie also seemed to hit it off, which was good. Then, leaving Bradford at 5.15pm, we headed towards Avebury, and the way there I pointed out the White Horse at Cherhill to the Simonsons. So we stopped at Avebury where the weather had gotten a little cloudy but we still had a bit of a wander around the standing stones as Walter remembered the place fondly from when he was last over here. The rape seed fields look like they have been added in in Photoshop and it is a really fantastic place. No wonder Julian Cope likes it. So we left Avebury and ended up in Marlborough in Wiltshire for dinner, which we left after eating and continued the circuitous route back to London. I had to drop them off at Egham, a place I am not familiar with, so we got lost and their friend Richard Burton had to come and find us. So I eventually left the Simonsons at Richard’s house at about 11.45pm and then didn’t get home until 1am because I got lost in Egham trying to find the motorway again. So that is the end of my epic Monday after Bristol but I really enjoyed the day as Walt and Weezie are great company and I enjoyed showing them places they didn’t know and wouldn’t have gone to otherwise. Here is a selection of photos from that day including lots of Clifton, Bradford-on-Avon and one of Avebury‚Ķ