It’s not just in hardback through Unbound that we’re planning to commemorate TRIPWIRE’s 20th anniversary. In the latest Previews #286, on page 362, Item number JUL121370, you’ll find a TRIPWIRE 20th anniversary paperback. It will be packed with loads of great stuff:

•New and rarely seen art from many of the industry’s greatest artists like Howard Chaykin, Frank Quitely, Mike Mignola, Walter Simonson, Joe Kubert, Dave Dorman, Mike Perkins, Roger Langridge, Drew Struzan, Chris Weston, Andy Bennett, Michael Kaluta and more
•Classic TRIPWIRE features and interviews with people like Alan Moore, Mike Mignola, Peter Milligan, Frank Miller, Guillermo Del Toro, Joss Whedon, Joe Kubert and many more
•It will also feature new writing, including the best and worst comics movies of the past twenty years, creators, indie and mainstream, who have come up 1992 to 2012, creators we have lost in the last twenty years, the rise of digital and web comics and lots more
For aficionados of comics and genre, this will be a must buy book. And if you’d like the book but don’t mind getting it in paperback, then it’ll be $24.95/ £14.99 well spent for you.
Here’s a few of the images from the book and if you like what you see, you can order it from your local comic shop…

So Saturday was a great day at the show. We rolled up at our table at the Commonwealth Museum and waited for the hordes to descend. After a slow start, the hall began filling up pretty rapidly and we made lots of sales on the first day. I had to leave the table to do two panels on Saturday, the first was with Dave Taylor and Walter Simonson and that was the Studio Space panel and the second was with Walter again but wife Louise was there too. I interviewed Walter and Weezie about their career(s) and we discussed Weezie’s time at Warren, their work on X-Factor and a few other things. The weather was still very very hot so we were like ants under a magnifying glass in the hall so it was nice to get out of there and go to the Ramada, where the talks took place, because it was air-conditioned. So Saturday night we skipped the Eagles and went to an Indian restaurant called Old India with my brother, Gary, Andy Colman, Dave Baillie, Chris Weston and a friend of his called Rich. It was pretty good but the service was very slow. We then walked back to the Ramada but didn’t have a late night as we were working at the show and it’s pretty exhausting behind a table. So here are some more photos for you: St Mary Redcliffe at night, by the canalside in Bristol, by Baldwin Bridge in Bristol, St Mary Redcliffe in the piercing blue sky and the fluffy clouds and the sculpture in front (I got a little obsessed with it as we stayed right next to it), Gary at the table, the turn-out for the Studio Space panel and Paul Rainey and friend…

I am coming to the end of my New York trip. I came to the city to visit the New York Comic Con and I’ll post a proper entry in the next couple of days but here are some photos (of Tommy Lee Edwards with his New Wave haircut, Jeff Carlisle at Steve Ellis’s table, a man dressed as Zap Brannigan from Futurama, Duncan Fegredo and Chris Weston at the Splash Page Art table).
Studio Space is at the printers now too which is very exciting…

Last Saturday, Chris Weston signed at comic shop Orbital near Centre Point in London so I went down to see him. There was quite a decent turn-out which didn’t surprise me as he’s a great artist (the series The Twelve that Marvel is publishing, written by JMS and pencilled by Chris, is really great stuff so highly recommended) and a nice guy. In fact, myself and Gary have considered him if we do another studio book, which hopefully sales of the first will warrant this.
Anyway, here are some photos I took at the signing…