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This March sees the fourth London Super Comic Con. Taking place again at London’s Excel Centre in Docklands on 14th March and 15th March 2015, I asked its organisers a few questions about this year’s show…

1) Who are the big guests for this year’s show?

Interesting question.  When we put this year’s guest list together we try to pick guests that cross all eras.  There are many names on our list that are obvious “big names” such as Arthur Adams, Neal Adams, Charlie Adlard, Brian Bolland, Garth Ennis, Dave Gibbons, Paul Levitz, Klaus Janson, Bill Sienkiewicz  and John Romita Jr to name just a few.  But we have seen in the past creators, that haven’t been to the UK before, being just as popular.  Examples include Herb Trimpe and Mark Texeira.

2) With this being the fourth LSCC, what are you doing to build on what has become an established comic convention?

When we first decided to set up the show there were many detractors that didn’t believe you could have a large “comic convention” in the UK without celebrities, manga and anime.We spent the first three years establishing the foundations of the show.  A strong comic show should be built on a core of creators, publishers and exhibitors.  As our attendances have shown that  there is an audience in the UK for comics we will continue to enlarge the show.  This year there will be more creators, more exhibitors and some interesting additions to the show floor.    The floor plan will be revealed soon.

3) What panels can we expect to see at this March’s show?

There will be a mix of publisher panels, creator spotlights, comic production, cosplay skill and other panels.  They will be announced very soon.  We will for example, be hosting a Comic Geek Speak 10 year anniversary with Pants, Bryan and Murd at the show and Titan have already mentioned their Doctor Who panel.

4) How important is it for a show like yourselves to include US as well as UK guests?

To put on a large convention you need to provide attendees with a reason to travel.  If we have the same creator mix that people can find at their local show they won’t travel to London.  We believe that we have to keep providing our attendees with something new whether they have attended every con or it is their first visit to LSCC.  We generally only invite US guests that haven’t been to other cons in the UK recently.  This seems to work as our attendees come from the width and breadth of the UK and from Europe.

5) I see that you have cosplay again at the show. What does this bring to the show?

Cosplay brings the visual aspect of comics to life.  Our cosplayers with their skills and acting capabilities bring a buzz to the show that encourages the younger generations to enjoy the convention and to read comics.  You can see in a kid’s face their excitement at meeting a Batman, a Superman, Spider-Man or Wonder Woman.  If a child enjoys a convention they are more likely to associate comics with fun and pick up a book rather than just watch superheroes on TV.

6) You have a wide range of US comic dealers exhibiting again at the show. What attracts these US dealers to attend the show each year?

LSCC provides collectors with the opportunity to find comics that they can’t find locally.  We have many UK dealers as well as the best dealers on the US convention circuit attending the show.  They know that if they bring the widest selection of comics from the Golden Age to the latest modern variants our attendees will buy  them.

7) Each year you have offered exclusive prints and comics at the show. Will you be doing this again this year and can you give us any clue as to what you’ll be offering?

Yes we will.  If you take a look at the ticketing website you will see that there are prints from Bob Layton, David Mack, Bill Sienkiewicz and Jamie Tyndall already for sale.  We will be announcing a John Romita Jr print soon.  In terms of comics we have already listed a Ninjak #1 LSCC Variant cover and Titan have announced the world premier of their Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #1 with an LSCC variant available at the show.

8) With next year the fifth anniversary of LSCC, are there any plans to make it an even more special occasion?

Yes, but you’ll have to wait till closer to the 2016 show to hear the news.