I got back from San Diego late last week but I am still horribly lagged. It was a very enjoyable 10 days and I even got to do some fun things too. I’m hoping that the regular visitors here haven’t all died of boredom and stopped visiting as it’s been almost a month since I last put up a new post. But July and the beginning of August have been very interesting indeed, passing by in the blink of the proverbial. So here’s half a dozen photos from San Diego for you (Bruce Timm, Frank Darabont, some bloke dressed as Death who was on the escalator opposite me, John (Bender) DiMaggio, who I gave a copy of TRIPWIRE to, Matt Groening and Grant Morrison. I’ll be putting up a proper post in the next few days…


The new issue of TRIPWIRE is at the printers now. It’s hard to believe that this is the fifth issue we’ve done with the new format but it’s hopefully our best yet. We’ve got a Futurama feature, an interview with movie poster master Drew Struzan, chats with fantasy veteran writer Michael Moorcock and bestselling author Glen David Gold plus artist, illustrator and photographer Dave McKean talks about his career. We’ve also got anniversary commemorations of DC’s 75th birthday and Captain America’s 70th. It’s thinner than last year’s issue but this is reflected in the price (£6.95 UK or $9.99 US rather than £9.95 UK or $15.95 US). It’ll be out in the second half of this month, available at select Tesco Metros, West End newsagents, Forbidden Planet, Forbidden Planet International, Gosh and Orbital in the UK and through Barnes & Noble and Border in the US plus in Chapters and Indigo in Canada. Here’s a few pages and the cover from it

Amazingly I have finished the TRIPWIRE Annual and the pages go to Andy Grossberg for subbing over the weekend. I’m really chuffed with the way they look and so I thought I’d give everyone a sneek peek. I’ll put up another post with some designs in the next couple of days…
I also wanted to say that I’ve been thinking a lot about Andy Grossberg because he lost his dad this week.

I haven’t posted anything from the Annual in a while so I thought I’d rectify that. It goes to the printers in about three weeks but you’re still able to put your orders in in Previews Vol. XVIII, #5, on page 397 , item number MAY08 4264. It’s such a fantastic lineup this time around:

•With the British sci-fi renaissance in full swing on TV, we look at the history of Doctor Who, providing an invaluable primer for those viewers who have come in late, and cover his history in comics as well as examining series like Life on Mars and Primeval. The Annual will have a brand new painted Tommy Lee Edwards Doctor Who image;
•Michael Moorcock talks about Elric, with a film in the imminent future, and Walt Simonson, Michael Whelan and P. Craig Russell discuss translating Moorcock’s vision to the comics page;
•Matt Groening, David Cohen and Bill Morrison discuss the return of the fan favourite animated series Futurama;
•A look at Pinewood Studios’ new plans, ILM’s company structure and a feature about the career of James Bond storyboard artist Martin Asbury;
•Bryan Fuller spills the beans on Emmy award-nominated hit TV show Pushing Daisies;
•Tim Kring and Jeph Loeb reveals the future of Heroes after the conclusion of the writer’s strike;
•Graphic novelist Posy Simmonds, a regular fixture in The Guardian and always on the bestseller list thanks to books like Tamara Drewe and Gemma Bovary, talks about illustration and her career;
•Marjane Satrapi discusses translating Persepolis from graphic novel to animated film;
•We celebrate two significant anniversaries for 2008: the 70th birthday of the comic industry’s most famous superhero Superman and it’s been 40 years since Marvel’s 1968 revolution;
•A look at Manga Entertainment’s successful UK division

Here are a few pages of design, including the cover again, the first two spreads of the Futurama feature, which is brilliant because Groening and Cohen have fantastic chemistry, the first two pages of our Superman feature and Jeff Carlisle’s pencils for his Doctor Who illo, which also looks amazing. It’s going to top last year’s edition, no question…

Okay to start off the year, here is a rundown of the features in this year’s TRIPWIRE Annual. Some of them may change:

Doctor Who/ Torchwood British sci-fi TV renaissance including a look at the history of Doctor Who, Doctor Who comics, its finest episodes and a guide to all of the Doctors so far;

•Superman at 70 years old including the best Superman stories of all time, an interview with Grant Morrison and some of the current Superman creators;

•40th anniversary of Marvel’s 1968 launches;

Akira‘s 20th anniversary with a look at its influence ever since;

•Posy Simmonds feature;

•Michael Moorcock and Elric;

•Tim Kring discusses the future of Heroes with the continuing writers’ strike;

•David Cohen and Matt Groening on the return of Futurama;

•A look at the current batch of genre TV including Battlestar Galactica, Sarah Conner and Jericho;

•Graphic Novels for people who don’t read comics;

•Genre movie roundup including Iron Man, The Escapist, Star Trek, taking Persepolis from graphic novel to screen;

•A day in the life of Pinewood Studios;

•The concept art of Indiana Jones;

•Power List

•STRIPWIRE featuring the Punks guys, Jamie McKelvie, Mike Collins

and more…

Same format, 132 pages or so, with a brand new full colour Tommy Lee Edwards Doctor Who cover…

Out for this year’s San Diego…