So the TRIPWIRE 21 kickstarter campaign has got seven days left on it and we’re at 56%, so hopefully it will happen. I have been told that activity ramps up in the last week so hopefully this is true. I am very chuffed with the way the book is looking: it was designed to be the best thing that we have put out under the TRIPWIRE name. We have also managed to arrange a fantastic event to commemorate the book: on 16th May, at Foyles on Charing Cross Road, we’ll be having a TRIPWIRE 21 evening with Mike Carey, Roger Langridge, Christopher Fowler, Peter Milligan and Michael Moorcock, hosted by me. We’ll be chatting about 21 years of the magazine and the last 21 years of comics and genre. You will be able to get the book signed too. So here’s some page layouts from the book. You have until 14th April to pledge on the book otherwise the limited hardcover won’t be published, which would be a real shame.

Foyles TRIPWIRE event
TRIPWIRE 21 on Kickstarter


So I’ve been back from San Francisco for about four days now and I’m still a little bit lagged. So while I work out what I’m going to write in terms of a proper post, here’s a few comic people photos I took at Wonder Con in the following order: Joe Kubert, Heidi Macdonald, Ted Naifeh (x2), Tom Spurgeon, David Mack, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti (x2), Mark Schultz, Ted McKeever, Darwyn Cooke, David Mandel, Dave Johnson, Jeremy Atkins and Randy Stradley, Scott Dunbier and Matt Wagner. Phew…