Our TRIPWIRE 21 evening on 16th May, this Thursday at Foyles on Charing Cross Road in London, still has tickets available. They’re only £5 or £3 concessions and you get to see Michael Moorcock, Mike Carey, Peter Milligan, Christopher Fowler and Roger Langridge talk about TRIPWIRE and 21 years of history. You’ll also be able to get TRIPWIRE 21, in paperback and hardcover, signed at the event. So what are you waiting for?
TRIPWIRE 21 Foyles event

Tripwire Exhibition MAY 2013

The TRIPWIRE 21 book is at the printers and will be back with us around 9th May. We’re very proud of the way it’s looking. But we are celebrating TRIPWIRE’s anniversary in a few other ways as well. Firstly, we shall be having an exhibition of TRIPWIRE-related photos and images up at the gallery at Foyles on Charing Cross Road in London. Kicking off the morning of 16th May, it’s absolutely free and it will give you the opportunity to see a selection of our magazine covers, photographs and art at a bigger size than you would normally, so it’s a very exciting opportunity for us.
Secondly, also on 16th May is our TRIPWIRE 21 evening. Starting at 6.30pm, I am joined by Michael Moorcock (Elric, fantasy legend), Mike (Hellblazer, The Unwritten) Carey, Roger Langridge (Muppets, Snarked!), Peter Milligan (Hellblazer) and Christopher (Bryant & May, Roofworld) to talk about 21 years of TRIPWIRE and 21 years of comics. We’ll also be making copies of TRIPWIRE 21 in paperback and limited hardcover available to buy at the event and get signed. It’s going to be a great evening and tickets are still available from Foyles. Lastly, we’ll be at the Bristol Comic Expo from 11th to 12th May, with a table selling TRIPWIRE 21 paperbacks and hardcovers and a panel at 12noon. So May is going to be a crazy month for us but we are pleased at last that an anniversary book will be seeing the light of day. The paperback will also be solicited in the June Previews so that our colonial friends will be able to buy the book too…

Bristol Comic Expo
TRIPWIRE 21 evening
TRIPWIRE 21 exhibition


So the TRIPWIRE 21 kickstarter campaign has got seven days left on it and we’re at 56%, so hopefully it will happen. I have been told that activity ramps up in the last week so hopefully this is true. I am very chuffed with the way the book is looking: it was designed to be the best thing that we have put out under the TRIPWIRE name. We have also managed to arrange a fantastic event to commemorate the book: on 16th May, at Foyles on Charing Cross Road, we’ll be having a TRIPWIRE 21 evening with Mike Carey, Roger Langridge, Christopher Fowler, Peter Milligan and Michael Moorcock, hosted by me. We’ll be chatting about 21 years of the magazine and the last 21 years of comics and genre. You will be able to get the book signed too. So here’s some page layouts from the book. You have until 14th April to pledge on the book otherwise the limited hardcover won’t be published, which would be a real shame.

Foyles TRIPWIRE event
TRIPWIRE 21 on Kickstarter


On the Tuesday before last, I grabbed the new TRIPWIRE, issue #55. It’s taken a bit longer than we were hoping but I hope this is our best issue to date. The Elric cover, by David Michael Beck, looks spectacular: the heavier paper stock really brings out the image. And the features have come out really nicely especially the Jason Aaron, the Christopher Fowler but it all looks really strong. And it’s available in UK comic shops as of today (Wednesday). It can also be reordered from Diamond Comic Distributors, item #MAY111336. So what are you waiting for?


As I write this, I am in the process of moving. From the place I have lived in for over a decade now to a flat. So I am surrounded by boxes, which will be temporarily stored until I move into the new place on Saturday 16th July. It’s been an odd few weeks as I’ve been going through the garage, sorting out and getting rid of a lot of crap that I’ve accumulated over the years. I’ve found a load of back issues of TRIPWIRE and a box of copies of TRIPWIREx10, the anniversary book that we published back in 2002.
I wanted to plug two TRIPWIRE products in this latest post. The first is TRIPWIRE Digital 0.02, the second free to download digital edition. With an X-Men First Class cover, there’s a feature about the genesis of the film, interviews with a couple of its screenwriters plus we also have a Blueberry feature, a look back at Otomo’s Akira and a piece on Rebellion’s Slaine The Horned God. I hope that we’ve topped the first issue. You can get it from www.tripwire-magazine.com.
The second TRIPWIRE product is TRIPWIRE #55, which will be available to buy from the end of this month. It’s another packed issue, chock full of great content:
•Under an exclusive Elric cover painted by illustrator David Michael Beck, we celebrate 50 years of the White Wolf in the year that BOOM! brings the character back to comics and we talk to its creator, MICHAEL MOORCOCK
•London-based writer CHRISTOPHER FOWLER, writer of Bryant & May and Rune, lifts the lid on a career influenced by comics
•It’s fifty years since Fantastic Four #1 so we commemorate this with a look back at Marvel’s first family with the help of some of the creators who’ve been part of FF history
•WALT SIMONSON’s eagerly awaited The Judas Coin hardcover is published this Christmas and we preview the book including a unique sketchbook and pencils and inks section
•JASON AARON discusses Scalped, Wolverine and his other work
•Location Scouts Sarah Eastel talk about their work
•Shaenon Garrity writes about the history of webcomics seen from the inside
•SERGIO ARAGONES discusses The Funnies and his work
•PLUS STRIPWIRE, TRIPWIRE’s comic-within-a-magazine returns as does The Power List and Graphic Novels you should be reading

Diamond item code is MAY111336, so you can still order it from Diamond Comic Distributors.
Here’s the two covers (Digital 0.02 and TRIPWIRE #55) plus a few feature pages from the print edition to whet your appetite…


June has been a little bit of a crazy month which is why I haven’t posted anything here in a little bit. We are finishing off the second digital TRIPWIRE and knee deep in the next print edition of TRIPWIRE. This week was pretty interesting: on Tuesday I went to the New Worlds talk at the British Library with Michael Moorcock, Brian Aldiss, Norman Spinrad and John Clute. Part of the British Library’s Science Fiction celebration, hosted by Roz Kaveney. Although the talk lacked a little focus and Kaveney didn’t guide the conversation all that well, Aldiss and Moorcock made for an erudite double act and Spinrad had some interesting things to say. Critic Clute was a little out of place as he was the reviewer for New Worlds and perhaps it would have been a better talk if he had hosted it rather than Kaveney. Although I do know that Kaveney knows her stuff about science fiction, so it may just have been an off night. New Worlds is apparently being resurrected so perhaps this is a timely talk…
Then on Thursday I met up with Michael Moorcock for a brief chat and to take some photos. He was a gentlemen as ever and his wife Linda kindly slotted some time in for me to see him.


After a gap of two years, TRIPWIRE will be available to order from Diamond US in Previews. If you go to page 351 of Previews May 2011, you can order TRIPWIRE#55, item code MAY111336. For £6.95 UK/ $9.99 US, you can get 124 pages in full colour. Here’s info on what’s going to be in it

Under an exclusive painted cover by illustrator David Michael Beck, we celebrate Michael Moorcock’s Elric anniversary by talking to Moorcock himself, looking back at the past of the character in comics and what Boom! has planned for it. We also profile movie location scouting company Sarah Eastel plus London fantasy author Christopher (Bryant & May) Fowler talks about his career. It’s fifty years since Fantastic Four #1 so we commemorate this with a look back at Marvel’s first family with the help of some of the creators who’ve been part of FF history. Then there’s STRIPWIRE, like an entire 22 page comic inside a magazine with artists like Roger Langridge and Kev Mullins, a profile of classic artist LB Cole, the return of old favourites like the Power List and the Graphic Novel roundup and a look at the success of Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG.

Here’s Beck’s magnificent cover image…


The new issue of TRIPWIRE is at the printers now. It’s hard to believe that this is the fifth issue we’ve done with the new format but it’s hopefully our best yet. We’ve got a Futurama feature, an interview with movie poster master Drew Struzan, chats with fantasy veteran writer Michael Moorcock and bestselling author Glen David Gold plus artist, illustrator and photographer Dave McKean talks about his career. We’ve also got anniversary commemorations of DC’s 75th birthday and Captain America’s 70th. It’s thinner than last year’s issue but this is reflected in the price (£6.95 UK or $9.99 US rather than £9.95 UK or $15.95 US). It’ll be out in the second half of this month, available at select Tesco Metros, West End newsagents, Forbidden Planet, Forbidden Planet International, Gosh and Orbital in the UK and through Barnes & Noble and Border in the US plus in Chapters and Indigo in Canada. Here’s a few pages and the cover from it

Amazingly I have finished the TRIPWIRE Annual and the pages go to Andy Grossberg for subbing over the weekend. I’m really chuffed with the way they look and so I thought I’d give everyone a sneek peek. I’ll put up another post with some designs in the next couple of days…
I also wanted to say that I’ve been thinking a lot about Andy Grossberg because he lost his dad this week.