Now that the weather has gotten temporarily better, I decided to go out with the camera. The winter light is pretty good to take shots and I got some of my favourite recent photos today. Boxing Day is a strange day too: the West End wasn’t particularly busy although I’m sure, if I’d gone down to Oxford Street and Regent Street, I’d have seen a different picture. So I walked from Queen Square in Bloomsbury all the way down to Parliament Square and back, recapturing some of the images I’ve taken before but now I’m shooting everything I want to publish or sell in RAW and I have to say that sometimes photos look spectacular, with it picking out amazing detail in architecture and statuary. It felt a little bit odd as the walk took me along Victoria Embankment and near Waterloo Bridge, where I used to wander when Time had their offices on Savoy Street. So here are my photos…


My first photography book, Town & Country, is now available to order so if you go to the following URL, you can order it: features 100 of my best photographs taken around the country and it should be the first of many of my photo books. Here’s the cover and a couple of sample spreads. So feel free to order one.