So with the weather being chilly but bright, I decided to take a wander with the camera on Friday, New Year’s Day. It was the perfect weather to take photos, so I started off in King’s Cross where I wandered past the old gasometers and into St Pancras Station. It is a beautiful station, probably the nicest rail station in London and it photographs well. Then I jumped in the car and drove to the other end of London to Kensal Green Cemetery. One of the Magnificent Seven Victorian cemeteries in London, Kensal is an amazing place. Incorporated in 1832, it is the only cemetery where bodies cannot be exhumed and if it ceases to be an active cemetery, it has to be turned into a memorial park. The notable people buried there reads like a who’s who of arts, culture and history including engineers Marc Brunel and his more famous son Isambard Kingdom Brunel, mathematician Charles Babbage, author Wilkie Collins, romantic critic James Henry Leigh Hunt, playwright and writer Harold Pinter and William Thackeray (author of Vanity Fair). It has a very urban feel to it thanks to the gas tower and the tower blocks in the distance unlike West Brompton which almost feels like you’re somewhere in the country. My visit to Kensal Green was a trip to shoot images for a London Cemeteries book I’ll be publishing later in the year, so it was a very satisfying start to 2010. So here are some pics taken near King’s Cross and in Kensal including a few shot at St Mary’s Cemetery, a Catholic cemetery next to Kensal Green itself…

Just like I did at the end of 2006, I like to take a look at what I’ve done over the past year and what I intend to do in the following year. 2007 was a pretty decent year:

•We lost our publisher for the studio book but we gained another one at the end of the year, which allowed us to keep the original title and will be a nicer book than it was going to be originally;

•The TRIPWIRE Annual, which wasn’t even definite this time last year, was a proper success. The launch at San Diego sold better than expected, it went into profit and wiped out the horrible memories of San Diego in 2003. And everyone I mentioned it to who I brought it to show was amazed at the level of quality we had managed to achieve;

•The contract at Time allowed me to stop hustling for freelance work for a number of months and guaranteed me income for the first time ever;

•I managed to pick up some more writing work, interviewing Ridley Scott, Jon Favreau, Brian Aldiss and writing pieces on Watchmen the movie, Stardust, Heroes and more for Death Ray and Comics International (although the hash that Death Ray made of the Ridley Scott feature led me to remember why I like writing for my own projects);

•I became a better photographer. Although I’m never going to make a living out of taking photos, buying the SLR has made my shots better;

•The two radio appearances over Christmas came as nice bonuses and I am hoping that I shall be invited back for more radio in 2008

So that’s the look back. What would I like to happen in 2008?

Studio Space comes out in May and I am hoping that it is a lovely book that sells well enough to get some attention for me and Gary and allows me to get some more book projects off the ground as I have a few other titles I would like to make happen. A presence at Bristol with copies of the book hopefully, a panel there and signings at Forbidden Planet, the ICA and even a couple of US bookstore events won’t hurt;

•This year’s TRIPWIRE Annual does even better than last year’s, which seems possible since we will have extra distribution through Borders in the UK and now one has come out, retailers know what it is. It will be on sale on the Image stand at San Diego Comic Con this coming July so I am hoping that the attention that Studio Space gets will get the TRIPWIRE Annual noticed;

•The two TRIPWIRE specials (Heroes in June and Hellboy in November) allows the TRIPWIRE name to increase in recognition again and to continue the momentum we have generated;

Hidden City will get picked up by a publisher, giving me a kick up the arse, so that the public may even see it in 2009;

•I continue to use this blog to shamelessly plug my work, review films I’ve been to see and talk crap about subjects that interest me

This will be my last post of 2007 so have a good New Year and I’ll see everyone in 2008…