The radio silence here has been because the last month has been insanely busy. As part of a book project that may or may not happen about sci fi and fantasy writers photographed in their place of work. I’ve been to see Christopher Fowler (Bryant & May) back in February and this week I was lucky enough to visit Brian Aldiss (Heliconia, Frankenstein Unbound) for the same project. I got some great shots and he was a gent as always. I feel very lucky sometimes that I do get to meet interesting people thanks to my job…


I have decided to bite the bullet and offer a selection of my photos as A3 prints for people to buy. So you can choose from a photo of a mysterious woman on the Brooklyn Bridge in the Autumn sunshine, the entrance to Lewes Castle in Sussex or a classic American car in North Beach in San Francisco. There are PayPal buttons on the side of this very blog, making it easy to order. Each print costs £9.99 including postage and packing for UK customers or you could buy all three for the bargain price of £25. You can also PayPal the money to my email address (, specifying which print(s) you’d like. At some point in the next month, I shall be working out how much it will cost to send to the US, so any American or Canadian visitors here interested in buying, please bear with me. So why not grab one?
Here are the images…