Ever since The Killing, Scandinavian television has made a real impact in the world of mainstream popular culture. Series like Borgen and The Bridge have built up an impressive following thanks to quality writing and admirable acting. The Legacy, just released on DVD, is a new Danish drama, shown on Sky at the end of this year and beginning of this, with no murders and no mayhem. Artist¬†Veronika Gr√łnnegaard dies and her house is up for grabs by her family which includes daughter Gro (Trine Dyrholm), who wants to turn the house into a museum and her son Frederik (Carsten Bjornlund), who has other plans for it. But there is a spanner thrown into the works when Veronika’s daughter Signe (Marie Bach Hansen) reappears and stakes her claim on the house. The Legacy is an intriguing family drama, showing the dysfunctional manner they operate under. It’s well acted and well written and if you like Scandi drama, then The Legacy will appeal to you.