Steven Grant over at, who I gave a copy of the TRIPWIRE Annual at last year’s San Diego, has at last reviewed the Annual and it’s a pretty positive writeup:
I’ve had the 2007 TRIPWIRE ANNUAL sitting around here for ages, and if SQUA TRONT is the epitomal great fanzine, TRIPWIRE is pretty much what every slick semi-prozine aspires to; on newsstands, it would be easy to mistake this for a comics-heavy issue of EMPIRE or Q. The approach reflects those magazines as well: lots of talent interviews with the likes of Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Matt Groening, Guillermo del Toro, Paul Cornell, etc., clean graphic design, and a sort of respectfully cheeky tone that tries to suggest the magazine’s producers are as hip and irreverent as their audience but that the material covered is worthy of attention. For the most part it works. Worth a look.