Over the last few years, IDW Publishing have created a unique niche with their Artist’s Edition series, showcasing the best in comics in a large format. Manhunter and Other Stories Artist’s Edition by Walter Simonson represents the classic series where Simonson, with writer and co-creator Archie Goodwin, made his name and got noticed by the comics industry. Despite the fact that it was published back in 1972 in the pages of Detective Comics, early on in Simonson’s career, it is still a magnificent story. Goodwin and Simonson channelled James Bond and brought Eastern weaponry and sensibilities to bear in a story that predates what Miller did in Daredevil by a number of years. And despite the fact that Simonson was an inexperienced artist at this point, it is still fantastic to admire every stroke of his linework at the larger format. And you can see a real development between the first chapter and the last, Gotterdammerung, which guest-starred Batman. By the time you read the silent postscript story here which was published years later, you can see just how accomplished and exceptional an artist Simonson has become. There’s not just Manhunter here also: it also reprints Captain Fear written by David Michelinie, Detective Comics 450 with Elliott Maggin, Doctor Fate by Martin Pasko and even Metal Men written by none other than Steve Gerber. Simonson is a true original and IDW with editor Scott Dunbier have created the ultimate celebration of Simonson’s DC work. For fans of Simonson, this is a must-buy book…


It’s not just in hardback through Unbound that we’re planning to commemorate TRIPWIRE’s 20th anniversary. In the latest Previews #286, on page 362, Item number JUL121370, you’ll find a TRIPWIRE 20th anniversary paperback. It will be packed with loads of great stuff:

•New and rarely seen art from many of the industry’s greatest artists like Howard Chaykin, Frank Quitely, Mike Mignola, Walter Simonson, Joe Kubert, Dave Dorman, Mike Perkins, Roger Langridge, Drew Struzan, Chris Weston, Andy Bennett, Michael Kaluta and more
•Classic TRIPWIRE features and interviews with people like Alan Moore, Mike Mignola, Peter Milligan, Frank Miller, Guillermo Del Toro, Joss Whedon, Joe Kubert and many more
•It will also feature new writing, including the best and worst comics movies of the past twenty years, creators, indie and mainstream, who have come up 1992 to 2012, creators we have lost in the last twenty years, the rise of digital and web comics and lots more
For aficionados of comics and genre, this will be a must buy book. And if you’d like the book but don’t mind getting it in paperback, then it’ll be $24.95/ £14.99 well spent for you.
Here’s a few of the images from the book and if you like what you see, you can order it from your local comic shop…

Okay, so Bristol was over two weeks’ ago now but it’s been a crazy month what with the Studio Space book, trying to polish off the Annual and keeping up with my regular film-related writing (like the Indy review last week) so I’ve let this last part of my Bristol online diary slip. So the show went very well and on Monday morning, I crammed Louise and Walter Simonson into my Nissan Micra and we left the Ramada. I say crammed because my car had rather a lot of boxes in it from the weekend plus my bags and I had suggested they could grab a lift back with me to London because they were going back that way and so was I, so I thought it might have been fun. So we left Redcliffe in Bristol with Louise crushed in the back and Walter sitting with two boxes in the front and headed for Clifton, because I promised I would show them the suspension bridge, which I have only ever seen once and it was in Winter. The weather was perfect (crisp blue sky with sunshine) and so it seemed to be the ideal opportunity. We got to Clifton, met my brother briefly, who lives in Clifton and walked across the bridge and even went up to the Observatory and got a great view of the gorge.
I had planned to go to Salisbury because I had never seen Stonehenge or the Cathedral there but I decided instead to take Walt and Weezie to Bradford-on-Avon, where my friend Jaspre and his partner Ronnie and their two daughters live. Bradford is a great place and people don’t seem to know about it, unlike Bath, so it’s pretty quiet. So I made our way to Bradford, getting slightly lost and driving through Bath but we made it just after lunch and met Jaspre, who took us on a walking tour of the place, up through an area called the Tory, which is located above Bradford-on-Avon, past a Saxon church, a tithe barn and to lunch by the canalside. I have visited Bradford a couple of times before but hadn’t seen this bit so that was a lot of fun. Jaspre, Walt and Weezie also seemed to hit it off, which was good. Then, leaving Bradford at 5.15pm, we headed towards Avebury, and the way there I pointed out the White Horse at Cherhill to the Simonsons. So we stopped at Avebury where the weather had gotten a little cloudy but we still had a bit of a wander around the standing stones as Walter remembered the place fondly from when he was last over here. The rape seed fields look like they have been added in in Photoshop and it is a really fantastic place. No wonder Julian Cope likes it. So we left Avebury and ended up in Marlborough in Wiltshire for dinner, which we left after eating and continued the circuitous route back to London. I had to drop them off at Egham, a place I am not familiar with, so we got lost and their friend Richard Burton had to come and find us. So I eventually left the Simonsons at Richard’s house at about 11.45pm and then didn’t get home until 1am because I got lost in Egham trying to find the motorway again. So that is the end of my epic Monday after Bristol but I really enjoyed the day as Walt and Weezie are great company and I enjoyed showing them places they didn’t know and wouldn’t have gone to otherwise. Here is a selection of photos from that day including lots of Clifton, Bradford-on-Avon and one of Avebury…

Sunday at Bristol was a great day for us as we had Dave Gibbons, Walter Simonson and Dave Taylor all signed on the table so we had a fantastic turnout and sold lots of the book. Dave Taylor is an exceptionally nice bloke and he has a very cute daughter (whose name I don’t remember). Before the show, me and Gary took a wander by the canal at Bristol and I took some great shots. The day passed quickly and we packed up the table, having had a great weekend and Gary headed back to Winchester. In the evening, I went for dinner with Dave Morris, his friend Pat, Misako Rocks and Sean Wilson’s friend Akiko and we went to the Spyglass, the restaurant on the boat in Bristol. It was a very relaxing end to the weekend. So here are a few photos of the canalside at Bristol including some nice crane shots, photos from the Sunday including Walter and Dave Gibbons signing, Dave Taylor signing (apologies for getting the side of Dave) and the Bristol canalside at night. Part Four (where I recount our mammoth trip back to London with Walter and Louise Simonson squeezed into my tiny car) will be up over the weekend but first my Indiana Jones review up on Thursday…