First came Bound and then there was The Matrix. The Wachowski Brothers had made a splash in modern Hollywood. But then we had The Matrix: Reloaded and Revolutions, two horribly messy sequels which squandered the brilliance of the first film. Speed Racer was a garish love letter to the original material and Cloud Atlas was bloated and self-important. So now we have Jupiter Ascending, the Wachowksi siblings’  latest effort. It was supposed to come out last year but it was pulled from the schedule and put back to this year. Milan Kunis plays Jupiter Jones, a girl seemingly of Russian descent who discovers that her lineage is far more impressive than she first thought and she is part of an intergalactic royal family. She gets embroiled in a war to stop the tyrant in the family from taking control. Jupiter Ascending is intended as a grand sci fi epic with many of tropes that they entail and it is a frustrating film. Channing Tatum plays Caine Wise, the genetically engineered warrior whose role is to protect Jupiter Jones, and he looks the part. Kunis is decent enough but there isn’t really much here to work with anyway. Eddie Redmayne plays tyrant Balem Abrasax while Sean Bean is fellow warrior Stinger Apini. Redmayne makes for a suitably entertaining pantomime villain and Bean does what he always does. But while there are some visually interesting ideas on screen here, the CGI is muddled, making many of the battles hard to follow, the script is awful and the film suffers from the worst excesses of the Wachowskis’ past efforts. Restraint is not a word that comes to mind when watching it and there is just too much of everything thrown at the wall here. Like Star Wars directed by Liberace or The Fifth Element with the brakes taken off, Jupiter Ascending is a cliched, muddled and annoying mess of a film. It is as if the Wachowskis have forgotten how to rein themselves in and perhaps what could have been an intriguing sci fi movie is just another bloated monstrosity…

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