John Wick came out in the US last October but it’s taken a few months to come over here. Keanu Reeves plays the eponymous hitman who decides to get revenge on the son of the Russian mafia godfather when he takes everything from him. Very much in the Taken mould, John Wick is a¬†straight action revenge film with support from Willem DeFoe as Wick’s fellow assassin Marcus but what lifts it is the fact that visually it is very impressive. On a large cinema screen, John Wick looks incredible. The script is very silly indeed and Reeves spends much of the film dispatching people in incredibly over-the-top fashion but director Chad Stahelski does have a very visual flair for the dramatic. I don’t know if this is a new direction for Reeves whose career has taken a rather forgettable turn over the past few years but John Wick is a decent slice of 100 minutes of action with enough visual flourish that you won’t be bored while you’re watching it and it doesn’t take itself seriously so tonally it mostly works too. By means a work of genius, there is still something perversely entertaining about the whole proceedings‚Ķ